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Getting Started!

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PostSubject: Getting Started!   Sat Dec 20, 2008 8:10 am

Hello Friends... :-h:

Can't bother taking 'Google' uncles help to find pictures for siggy-making or adding to your collection?
Question Don't worry, Picture Mansion - Bollywood is the right place for you. Grin: Have fun browsing through your favourite celebrities gallery! Exclamation

At this section members may:

  • Open picture galleries related to their favourite celebrities
  • Help other members to keep their picture galleries up to date with latest pictures of their favourite celebrities
  • Use any picture for signature or avatar making

This section contains the following information:

  • Picture galleries of popular Bollywood actors and actresses containing latest pictures
  • Picture galleries of latest Bollywood films containing

However at all times please keep the following RULES in mind:

Each member may open no more than 3 galleries related to their favourite celebrities.

Each gallery can have a maximum of 100 pages. Once your gallery crosses 100 pages open a new one. Add the link of the new gallery to the last page of the previous one and have it locked by the SM staff.

Member opening up a celebrities gallery must keep in mind that it is their duty to maintain the thread to forum standards and report double posting/spamming to relevant team members, if done in any gallery.

Members that DO NOT maintain a gallery they have opened, shall not be permitted to open any further galleries.

Duplicate pictures are not permitted and will be deleted.

Any member found spamming with the pictures by posting pictures randomly to increase their post count will face strict action from the SM Team.

Posting 1 picture per post persistently is NOT allowed as it also refers to as spamming, to increase post count.

Users are NOT allowed to post pictures consecutively. You must edit your respective post instead, unless someone has already posted after you.

Please make sure you follow the Code Of Conduct under all circumstances.


SM Team

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Getting Started!

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All posts must be in accordance with the S-F CoC.

We strongly discourage spamming and one word posts.

Always make an effort to encourage discussion.

Please be mindful of the language and content you choose to post.

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