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KRK re-enters Bigg Boss

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PostSubject: KRK re-enters Bigg Boss   Thu Nov 19, 2009 5:27 am

Kamal Rashid Khan, who was evicted from the Bigg Boss house because of his aggressive and violent behavior with his housemates, will be re-entering the Bigg Boss house as wild card entry. "Yes I am going tonight into the Bigg Boss house as the wild card entry." confirms KRK.

According to him TRP's of the channel went down after his exit. Thus the channel decided to get him back. "The channel got its highest TRP's when I was in Bigg Boss but the day I went out, TRP's became less. Now the channel approached me again and asked me to be there. I am sure this time the TRP's will be higher than ever."

KRK informed us that he followed Bigg Boss even after his eviction. So what is his strategy now? He said, "I will enter the house in a rocket. I don't know whether the housemates will be happy, sad, or surprised by my entry but I promise cent per cent entertainment to my audience."

He further explained that his entry will mean trouble for Vindu, Rohit and Raju who have been punished by Bigg Boss. "I am going to beat these three idiots. The audience will see how I will set them straight. They need to learn a lesson and I am the hero who will teach it to them."

Of all the housemates, KRK thinks Bakhtiyar Irani to be a sincere person, but would want Pravesh to win the Bigg Boss title! "If not me then I would want Pravesh to win. He is very true by heart and doesn't believe in bitching. But now I am going as wild card entry so you never know...," he signed off.

Source : Times of

this (if true ) is totally nonsense on BB's part. How can he bring KRK as a wild card entry after throwing him out of the house ?
this wuld reflect that rules aren't important, anybody whose antics (whether good or bad) raises TRP's, is welcomed
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KRK re-enters Bigg Boss

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