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~#*...Mansioneer Of The Week #8...*#~

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PostSubject: Re: ~#*...Mansioneer Of The Week #8...*#~   Tue Apr 07, 2009 11:14 am

nitya wrote:
my qust
write a short ff including all ur friends

the time is 11:50 in the night.we see a completly confused bunch of people doing last minute prepartions for the birthday party they've thrown for their friend Amrit. Mahi has been totally busy through out the day. Henna n Donny have helped him with the decorations. Nittu n Reshu had been looking after the catering service. Verni n Rahi have been making the Lounge ready 'Happy)' Nidhi as usual has been busy with hrithik only.As the clock strucks 12 there is a huge commotion that erupts saying 'Happy Birthday Amrit' but the b;day girl isnt around..(taiyaar hone ko time lagta hai after all 'batting eyelashes' ) after sometime, Amrit descends the stairs beautifully dressed in blue. (Mahi's eyes n mouth r wide open 'Wink)' ) Donny had already made sure k his Amrit didi's b'day party turns out to b rocking. finally, after lots of mauj masti, fun n dance (both romantic n paaglon wala), the night comes to an end n everybody leaves happily. Amidst all this, Shilpa di's absence is strongly felt. she culdnt make it to the party but had send her lovely wishes
when everybody has left, Mahi gives Amu a tight hug n a kissie 'blush'
*rest what happened all censored* ( 'batting eyelashes' )

The End
(hope u r satisfied nittu 'Happy)' mera flow kab ka toot chuka hai, so a short ff written by 'me' is gonna b like this only now)

(im finally done with all the q's Rahi '#:-S' plz isse pehle koi aur aa k q's pooche, u come jaldi se n lock the topic 'Grin' )

have really enjoyed myself


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PostSubject: Re: ~#*...Mansioneer Of The Week #8...*#~   Thu Apr 09, 2009 1:44 am

Very well done Amu...and since all questions have been answered, we're gonna post the next MOTW tomorrow....everyone be prepared!!!!

Topic Closed.

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~#*...Mansioneer Of The Week #8...*#~

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