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***~***Happy B'day Amby!!!***~***

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PostSubject: Re: ***~***Happy B'day Amby!!!***~***   Mon Apr 13, 2009 8:23 am

@chachii - hmm fi9 do one thing make it on IQ,eijo,imran,ranbir,zayed..basss i have such a big list ke aage ke yaad nai aare.. 'blush' 'blush'
@reeno - nai nai u only keep it..malum hai yaar oct mein hai..but kya pata kal ho na ho..issliye keep the gift wid u..oyee billion ki doc se millayin me.. 'Happy)' chal chal im a human or don 'rolling on the floor' 'rolling on the floor' 'rolling on the floor'
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PostSubject: Re: ***~***Happy B'day Amby!!!***~***   Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:35 am

Amby wrote:

really nice post 'clap' and thankx alot for reminding me about the topic \'blush\' and making it for me!! 'blush' 'blush'

but one correction to be made oyye im not kanjoos... '[-X'

loved those gifts..those chocolate truffles 'love struck' reminds me of my chocolate cake.. 'love struck' joh sab loogon ne khaa liya!!(but not to worry ill get one more today loll) 'blush'

heheheh dimaag bachpan se nai hai.. 'Happy)' so nth can b changed..lolll but seriously thankx a ton yaar for making the feels gr88.. 'hug' 'hug' butt mujhe giftt chahiyehhh then onllyyy ill throw a party for u ppll.. '\:d/'

haan i noe u posted mujhe sabse hatkkee chahiyeh since u a hatkkke frnd 'hug' of mynn issliye gift bhi hatke hona chahiyeh na.. 'blush'

Awww ur welcome yaar 'hug' glad u liked it!!..waise there's no correction to be made kyun ke u ARE kanjoos!!! 'Razz' dekh ab itne gifts ke baad bhi saying u want hatke gift phir party 'Shock' ur hatke gift i'll give u soon dont worry 'blush' par ab tho party dedo '#-o'

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***~***Happy B'day Amby!!!***~***

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