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Pyaar Ho Hi Jatha Hai (AK) PART 1/2 PG1 PROMO PG2

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PostSubject: Pyaar Ho Hi Jatha Hai (AK) PART 1/2 PG1 PROMO PG2   Tue Mar 17, 2009 8:32 am

Hiya everyone me and Shaz are going to start a new fanfic, its going to be based on my love story, about me and my boyfriend Sahil, but we are going to change some of it, but not everything, I hope u all read it and leave us a lot of comments.

The story will be set in in UK Birmingham and it will be about 2 individuals and hw they get 2geva and hw their lives changes.


I posted dis fanfic b4 on IF it finished der nw so Im posting it ere do read and comment

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PostSubject: Re: Pyaar Ho Hi Jatha Hai (AK) PART 1/2 PG1 PROMO PG2   Tue Mar 17, 2009 9:18 am

wow a real life story Grin:
looking forward to it

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PostSubject: Re: Pyaar Ho Hi Jatha Hai (AK) PART 1/2 PG1 PROMO PG2   Tue Mar 17, 2009 5:55 pm


The Khannas
Trishna Khanna- (Angads Dadi) She lives in London, even though she is old she is very fashionable and modern, she's evil, she wants everything her way, and if everything isn't her way she goes to any extent to make everything her way, as she is the oldest in the family, she makes the decisions, and everyone obeys them, and if they don't obey them she makes them to obey her.

Dilip Khanna- AVery good Father, he has given all his children good values, he is a very successful business man. He handles the business with his wife Parvati Khanna. Khanna Industries, they own loads of restaurants and fashion houses and some clubs. Hes very kind and sweet, he loves his family a lot.

Parvati Khanna- A Very good Mother, has given all her children good values, she helps in the business with her husband, and she loves all her children and wants the best for them, She can do anything for their happiness.

Angad Khanna- He is 17 years old, he is very handsome, kind and sweet, he love his family a lot, he cares and respects every1, he luvs his mom da most and he is close 2 his sista Mukthi he tells her everyfing bout his lyfe. His best friends are Laiba and Lakshya they have been best friends since Primary Skewl. Currently he is having his GCSES as he is in yr11 in hall green skewl.

Mukthi Khanna- She's Angad twin, she is 17 years old, very sweet, kind and beautiful. She's in year 11 and goes to hall green skewl, she luvs all her family and is very close 2 her bruva Angad she tells him everyfing about her life and he tells her

Katrina Khanna- She is 15 years old and goes to Hall Green School, she is less mature and thinks too much of herself, and she is very modern, she is very close to her cousin Ipshita and Mishthi and she luvs her Dadi a lot

The Sharmas

Lalit Sharma- He is a very loving Father to all his children, he is also a very successful businessman, he has given all his children good values, and he wants the best 4 dem

Vasundra Sharma- She handles the business with her husband, she is money minded, she is modern, her worst qualities are that she listens to other people very quickly, and she also trusts people very quickly, and she doesnt care much bout her daughter she doesnt like dem much buh she luvs her son alot. Currently she is in India on a business conference she will be bck soon

Kripa Sharma- She is 16 years oldvery kind, beautiful sweet innocent girl very mature and traditional, she cares and respects everyone. She goes to Selly Park Girls Skewl shes in yr 11 doin her GCSES shes very intelligent always into her studies she wants 2 achieve da best grades 4 herslef so she can make her Dad proud and make a gd future 4 herself. She is very different from her friends her friends Gauri, Siya and Riya study less and have more fun but Kripa no ways da word FUN doesnt exist in her dictionary. Kripa is very close 2 her cousin Shazmin

Sana Sharma- She is 15 years old and goes to Hall Green Skewl she is very sweet and beauitful, shes very mature she respects every1, she is very close 2 her sista Kripa and her cousin Shazmin

The Viraanis

Mihir Virani-He is also a very good Father, he also has given all his children good values, he is a very successful businessman, and he also wants the best for his family

Tulsi Virani- she is also a very good Mother, she has given all her children good values, she helps in the business with her husband, she loves all her children and her family a lot, she wants the best for them and can do anything for them, she is really different from her sister Vasu.

Iqra Virani- She is 20 and is in last year of college, which is Hall Green College, it's rite nxt 2 Hall Green Skewl she is very kind and beautiful and sweet. She cares and respects everyone and loves all her family a lot. She is very valued, she doesn't get along with her sister Shazmin, she is very close to her mom and dad, she tells them everything about her life.

[center]Shazmin Virani- She is 15 years old, and is in year 10 in Hall Green School, she is very kind and beautiful, but at the same time very naughty bratty but sweet she cares a lot for everyone, especially for Kripa as they are both close cousins, they tell each other everything about their lives. She is less mature and less valued. She is a spoilt brat and is very untraditional. She doesn't get along with her big sister Iqra, however she is very close to her younger sister Sanam and her big bro who will be introduced l8ter on in the story. Her best friend is Rishi Shergill, they have been best friends since primary school, and they tell each other everything about their lifes

Sanam Virani- She is the youngest in the whole house, and is pampered by everyone, especially Shazmin she buys her everything she wants, she is spoilt and gets her way all the time. She is the sweetheart of the house everyone loves her, she is 11 years old and goes to Hall Green School, she is cute, bubbly and very sweet, she is very close to Shaz and Sanam.

Laiba Malhotra- She is 17 years old and goes to Hall Green Skewl she is very sweet and kind and beautiful, she cares and respects everyone and she is very funny at times. She is bubbly and is into make-up and fashion, she also has a boyfriend Lakshya, shes loved him since primary school, her best friend is Angad
Lakshya Kapoor- He is also 17 years old and goes to Hall Green Skewl he is handsome and very sweet and kind, and can do anything for Laiba as he loves her a lot, His best friend is Angad

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PostSubject: Re: Pyaar Ho Hi Jatha Hai (AK) PART 1/2 PG1 PROMO PG2   Wed Mar 18, 2009 11:44 am

Seems interesting...looking forward to it... 😄

Good to see we have Trishna as one of the characters... Happy)...

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PostSubject: Re: Pyaar Ho Hi Jatha Hai (AK) PART 1/2 PG1 PROMO PG2   Wed Mar 18, 2009 12:19 pm

amrit23 wrote:
wow a real life story Grin:
looking forward to it

Thx a lot Im gna post da 1st 2 parts nw
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PostSubject: Re: Pyaar Ho Hi Jatha Hai (AK) PART 1/2 PG1 PROMO PG2   Wed Mar 18, 2009 12:22 pm

Donny wrote:
Seems interesting...looking forward to it... 😄

Good to see we have Trishna as one of the characters... Happy)...

Thx a lot she is evil dats y added her in da fanfic
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PostSubject: Re: Pyaar Ho Hi Jatha Hai (AK) PART 1/2 PG1 PROMO PG2   Wed Mar 18, 2009 12:55 pm


Part 1

It's a beautiful sunny day, everyone in the mansion is busy getting ready, as its Monday morning a school/college day.

The servants in the house are very busy, some of them are cleaning the house, and some of them are preparing breakfast in the kitchen.

Now we see Kanta behen the servant, is arguing with someone.

KB- Maine Kaha na apseh who abhi jaag jaygeh, bas paanch minute he kaha na.
Now we see the other person it is non other than Tulsi Virani

Tulsi- Paanch minute!!!!!! Paanch minute!!!!!! Kanta Behen ek ghantha hogaya hain school bhi janah hai uneh, ajj toh mein ineh nahiye choroonghi, ajj toh mein uneh (Interrupted)

Someone- Massi aap rehene dhijiye ajj in donah ko mein hi jaghthi hoon
Now we see the persons face its non other than Kripa Sharma, she is wearing her uniform, White Shirt, Grey Trousers and Red Jumper

Tulsi- Lekin Kripa beta, tum uneh chorrah tum nashtah karloh, tumhe school keh liye dher ho rahiye hai, une donah ko ajj mujseh koi nahiye bacha saktha

Someone comes

Someone- Yeah Mom chornah nahiye donah ko, hamesha donoh aise he karthi hai, woh sochthi hain keh woh sabse chotti hai toh hum unki saari baatien manehghe I don't think so, aur aap Kanta Behen hamesha unka saat deti hai, aur tum bhi Kripa tumneh bhi une Donoh ko sar par charkar rakha hai, Idiots just h8 them

Kripa- Iqra tum fikr maat karoh who donah abhi jag jayghee

(Kripa goes upstairs)

Now Kripa enters a room, which is filled with boys posters, we see 2 big beds in the room and we see 2 people sleeping. Kripa gets 2 jugs of cold water and throws it on them. Now we see the 2 people screaming, they are non other than the 2 bratz Shazmin and Sanam.

Shaz/Sanam- AhAh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kripa Di whats this why did u throw water on us

Kripa- U know what Massi aur Kanta Behen tum donah ko kitneh pyaar seh jagah rahyee thi lekin tum donoh u were sleeping, and saying 5 minutes again and again , u know what its 8am u have 30 mins to get ready, so hurry up and get ready then come downstairs for breakfast, u know what if ur late it wont be good then ur teacher will give u a late mark and u will also get detention, and masi and mamu are going to shout and (Interrupted)

Shaz- Kripa Di we get the point, we are sorry, we are coming downstairs

Sanam- Yeah Di we are coming plz no lecture

Kripa- Fine hurry up

Kripa goes downstairs

Shazmin and Sanam get ready and come downstairs, they are wearingtheir unifrom Navy Blue short skirts, White shirt and Navy Blue Blazer.

Now everyone is at the breakfast table, having breakfast

Mihir- Shazmin, Sanam time dekha hai, it's 8.30am you have to be in school by 9am, tum donoh ko parwa hi nahiye hai studies ki, tum donah keh school seh bahuth complaints aiye hai, tum donah aur tum donoh keh nalyaak dosth, especially ur friends Shaz, sareh keh sareh lafunghe hai school ka naam badlaam kardiya hain.

Iqra- Yeah dad especially Shaz boyfriend Rishi, woh toh sabseh barah lafungha hai, maine kitni baar kaha Shaz seh, don't hang out with him lekin yeh hain keh sunthi he nahiye

Mihir/Tulsi- (Angrilly) WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shaz- U lier Iqra Mom, Dad shes lieing me and Rishi are only friends u get it only FRIENDS!!!! Dad believe me all my friends are good, not all of them are bad if u don't believe me ask Kripa Di

Kripa- Mamu, Massi, Shaz aur Rishi sirf ache dost hai, aur Shaz keh sab dost dill keh bahuth ache hai, some of them they just get involved in fights and that's how they get a bad reputation, lekin woh dill keh bahuth ache hai

Mihir/Tulsi- Beta humhe tumhari baat peh yakeen hai, tumhe saafia deneh ki koi zaroorth nahiye hai

Mihir- As all of u have finished ur breakfast I will drop all of u to school and drop Iqra college.

Shaz/Sanam- NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iqra- Dad I don't mind u can drop us

Just then Mihirs phone rings, its Lalit

Lalit- Mihir office mein ek business conference hai aur hamareh American delegates aneh waleh hai toh tum aur Tulsi Bhabhi jaldi seh ajoa

Mihir- KYA!!!!! Business conference ajj hai tike hain hum arahaye hai
Shazmin and Sanam are very happy, as Mihir and Tulsi are going office, so now they won't go to school with them

Mihir- I am sorry kids ajj mein tum sabko school nahiye drop kar poangha, so the driver will drop you mein aur Tulsi office ja rehay hai, Lalit ka phone aiya tha ajj ek business conference hai

Shaz/Sanam- (Happily) That's great Dad!!!!!!!!!!!

Iqra-(Sadly) But Dad that's not fair

Mihir- I am sorry Iqra Beta

Iqra- Its ok Dad

Mihir- Shazmin aur Sanam tum donah zyada khush maat hua ok from today onwards u both will have tuitions, for 5 hours everyday after school and 6 hours every weekends, I have also arranged for a teacher to come, so aaj seh tum donah keh tuitions shuru

Shaz/Sanam- NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dad we have dance practise after school its really important and on the weekends we have dance practise and sports, plz Dad no tuitions Mom u tell him we promise we will be really good

Tulsi- Beta I agree with ur dad u both deserve it

Shaz/Sanam- That's not fair!!!!!!!!!! Kripa Di plz tell them, they listen to u

Kripa- I agree with them u need u both need tuitions, they are very necessary for you and ur education

Shaz/Sanam- That's not fair!!!!!!!!!!!! STUPID TUITIONS

Mihir/Tulsi- Beta Kripa lots of good luck ajj tumhara History aur maths ka exams hai, lots of good luck again, u will do great, aur haan phir school keh baad tumhaari revision class hai, for ur Food Technology exam

Shaz/Sanam- Good Luck Kripa Di

Iqra/KB- Good Luck Kripa

Kripa- Thanks everyone Mamu Massi revision class will finish at 7pm so send the driver exactly at 7pm

Mihir/Tulsi- Itni late beta chaloh koi baat nahiye, shaam ko tumhe driver leneh ajaygha

Kripa- Tike hain Mamu, Massi

Now the driver comes and he drops everyone school firstly Kripa, then Shaz, Sanam, Iqra.
Now we see Kripa going in her school Selly Park School
Kripa does all her classes revises for the exams, and now its lunch time all of Kripas friends are really excited, especially Gauri. Kripa is sitting in the canteen eating her sandwich and reading her notes on the maths exam, which she has next after lunch. She's not really paying attention, to her friends.

Gauri- Kripa are u listening or what, Kripa we just had an exam atleast stop revising now, u need to have some fun u need a break from all this revisions and exams and these books.

Siya/Riya- Gauris right Kripa all the time into books and study isn't good u need time for urself to have fun

Kripa- The word FUN just doesn't exist in my life, I want to study get the best grades and make a good future for myself, I have all the luxuries in the world I have everything, a mansion house, money, Dad and uncles business which is known worldwide, I can join that any time but I am not going to coz I want to achieve everything myself, I want to be independent, I want to make my family proud of me

Gauri- We understand Kripa but still u need fun, u need to enjoy ur life, today after revision class we are going to Cannon Hill Park, the revison class finishes at 4.30, my boyfriend Zayed is coming and his mates are coming also, so Riya, Siya and u can hook up with his mates, or just be friends.

Riya/Siya- Yeah that's great

Kripa- (Angrily) NO!!!! I don't think so I am not interested, I have better things to do then go stupid parks, u all go after revision I am going home
I have to study for tomorrow Food Technology paper, I got A grade for the coursework I want to achieve for a A grade in the exam atleast, if I fail it wont be good I just hate food technology, its so boring but I have to pass my GCSE in it

Gauri- Kripa food is crap boring I am not bothered about the exam, plz come to the park with us look our moms trust u the most, we are also going back with u so plz u have to come if u don't come then we cant go, there are benches there u can study there also plz don't say no

Riya/Siya- Plz Kripa

Kripa- Ok fine we will go Park, but we have to be back at 7pm, coz that's when the driver will come to collect us

Gauri/Riya/Siya-(Happily) Thx Kripa ur the best

Kripa- Yeah I know I am the best
Now we see the Sharmas/Viranis industries, the conference has been done and their company has won the biggest American contract and they are very happy.

Lalit- Contract toh humhe milgaya, Vasu sunkar bahuth khush hogi

Mihir- Haan aur hum sab neh bahuth mehannat bhi ki hai aur tab jakar humhe yeh contract milah

Tulsi- Waise lalit bhai sab woh Vasu ka koi phone nahiye aiya, bahuth din hogaye hai mein soch rahiye thi, keh hum Vasu ko phone kareh contract keh bareh mein batanah hain auseh, aur yeh bhi poachnah hain keh woh kab wapis arahiye hai

Lalit- Woh Bhabhi India ka business Vasu dekh rahiye hai aur projects ki official business meeting hai char (4) mahineh keh baad ajayghee

Tulsi- Acha Bhai sab shaam ko phone karenghe, ajj Kripa beti ka exam hai aap auseh phonekarkeh good luck zaroor wish karma auseh acha lagegha, mujhe poora yakeen hain keh iss baar bhi she will top the school like she always does
Mihir- Iss baat peh toh koi shaak nahiye hamarri Kripa beti ko zaroor kamyabi milenghee

Lalit- Bhagwan kareh aisa hi ho mein abhi auseh phone karkeh atha hoon, kaam keh chakkar mein
mujhe yaad bhi nahiye raha keh ajj Kripa ka exam hai

Lalit goes and rings Kripa

Kripa- Hello Papa kaise hai aap

Lalit- Mein tike hoon beta tum batoa sab kuch tike to hain na tumhare exam kaise teh

Kripa- Pehela exams History ka subha tha paper tike tha maine sareh questions answers kiye I tried my level best like I always do aur abhi ek ghanthe baad mera maths ka exams hai, Papa aap batiye contract milah

Lalit- Haan beta contract milgaya

Kripa- Congrats Papa

Lalit- Thx beta lots of goodluck on ur exam

Kripa- Thx Papa

Lalit- Bye beta

Kripa- Bye papa

Now its 1pm and its lunch time in Hall Green School

We see Rishi running around the School, coz he is trying to find out where Shazmin is

Rishi- Sanam u seen Shaz

Sanam- No bro I haven't seen her

Rishi-(to himself) Where is Shaz?(Now he sees Akash coming so he goes to ask him) Akash have u see Shaz

Akash- No Bro I haven't

Rishi- Ok (to himself) Where is Shaz?
Now we see Shaz who is coming towards the playground, Rishi sees Shaz and is very happy and he goes running to her and gives her a hug, Shaz is very shocked, Iqra who was in school regarding some work saw this and got really angry

Iqra- ( to herself Angrily) Shazmin ki baachi to ajj ghar to chal I will tell mom dad everything just wait and watch

Shaz- Rishi whats this hug why

Rishi- I am so sorry Shaz u know what I am so happy guess what Mr West isn't here, so we will have a free lesson so that means no teacher wow and that also means we don't have to hear Mr Wests boring lecturers on science, and no science work

Shaz- U serious Mr West isn't here

Rishi- Yeah I am serious Mr West isn't here

Shaz- YES!!!!!!!! Mr West not here (In excitement Shaz hugged Rishi)
Rishi was really happy as he loved Shaz a lot from primary school, but doesn't know what Shaz thinks of him, he does know they are best friends.
Shaz let go and said

Shaz- I am sorry in excitement I hugged u

Rishi- Yeah I know and anyways it doesn't matter as we are best friends

Shaz- Yeah

Just then the bell went and it was time for lesson, so Shaz and her friends went to the lesson.
Rishi was being really silly and so were all his other friends

Rishi- So everyone today the old man Mr West isn't here, so therefore I will be taking the class (he gets the board marker and pretends to be Mr West and makes fun of Mr West)
Just then Mr West has entered the room, and Rishi has no idea that Mr West is here, he is carrying on making fun of Mr West.

Shaz- RISHI!!!! Mr West Mr West

Rishi- Calm down Shaz the stupid old man isn't here, hes such a trampy I swear he so old its about time that the old man retires but not the tramp wont retire. He is still in this school to make my life (Interrupted)

Mr West- (Angrily) A LIVING HELL
Rishi- Yeah a living hell by the way who are u, you sounded just like the old man Mr West (Rishi wasn't looking as he was too busy writing on the board)

Everyone gets out their books and does the questions quietly

Now in a year 11 class we see 4 boys talking they are non other than Angad Khanna, Lakshya Kapoor, and Zayed Khan, and Vivan Lamba
Zayed- So Angad ur coming right to Cannon Hill Park I am going to meet my girl Gauri, she has some friend also I will hook u up with them what say

Angad- I say no coz I got a lot to study there is an exam tomorrow and I am busy and all so I am not

Zayed/Vivan- Angad it will be great fun come well Angad when u went to that boring museum we came with u and u can't even come with us to the park that's not done
Lakshya- Yeah Angad come it will be fun

Angad- Fine I will come

Zayed/Vivan/Lakshya- That's great
Just then Laiba Malhotra comes

Laiba- So where are u guys going

Angad- Cannon Hill Park the one by Selly Park School

Laiba- Right but Lakhsya u cant go coz u have to take me shopping after school, I need to buy the new maxfactor designer make-up

Lakshya- But Laiba I just bought u a new designer make up 4 days ago

Laiba- The new ones out now that ones old so Lakshya ur taking me or not

Lakshya- Fine I will take u how can I say no to u

Laiba- (hugs Lakshya) ur the best Lakshya I love u

Lakshya- I love u too

Now we are back to Kripas school and their revision class has finished they are heading to Cannon Hill Park, and so are Angad and his friends.


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PostSubject: Re: Pyaar Ho Hi Jatha Hai (AK) PART 1/2 PG1 PROMO PG2   Wed Mar 18, 2009 1:01 pm

Episode 2

Kripa and her friends reach Cannon Hill Park, and are waiting for Zayed and his friends, it's been 20 mins and Kripa is very angry.

Kripa- I don't think they will come, I think we should all go home

Gauri- NO!!! I am sure they will be here, my Zayed promised he will come, he promised me and he never breaks his promises

Siya- Yeah and his friends will also come, I can't wait to see them, it will be fun

Riya- Yeah it will be so much fun meeting them

Kripa- FUN!!!! I don't think so, it will be waste of time, coz the time u meet them lafunge, u can study for ur exams ok all of u are just too much

Gauri- Fun is very necessary in life ok, you have to enjoy urself the fullest, as you only live once, ok so make the most of it

Siya/Riya- Yeah Kripa u need some fun in your life ok, so chill and enjoy urself

Kripa- ENJOY!!! My foot, I have loads of studying to do, tomorrow I have 2 exams Science in the morning and Food Technology in the afternoon, and I am dieing. I am stuck here with u lot, u know this isn't good meeting boys behind our parents back, our culture doesn't tell us this and ( Interrupted)

Gauri scream

Gauri- (Happily) My Zayed is here!!!!!!!!!!! WOW he looks gorgeous

Zayed and his friends arrive, Angad, Vivan and Ayush. Kripa goes to her bench to study, and Gauri goes running to Zayed and hugs him, so they both go off, Riya and Vivan hook up and go, and Siya and Ayush hook up and they also go, leaving Angad alone.

Angad- (to himself) Ab mein kya karoon, yeh sab toh chalenghe mein ab kya karoon, mujhe yahaan nahiye anah chahiye tha (Just then he hears someons voice) yeh apneh aapseh kaun baatein kar raha hai

(He goes towards the bench)

Kripa- my friends are gone paagal bilkul paagal apni zindagi karab kar rahiye hai, hamare exam chal rehay hai aur uneh koi parwah he nahiye, bahuth pashtaghee they will regret their decision they never listen (then she gets back to her book her science study guide) where was I Oxygen O2 Water HO2 (she carries on)

Angad- Excuse me

Kripa- Ur talking to me

Angad- Yeah obviously, as there is no one else on this bench

Kripa- Well I have no interest in talking to u so could u plz leave

Angad- Well even I don't, but I heard u were talking to urself, that's quite stupid, so I though I will come and talk to u, as all our friends have gone off and that's leaves us

Kripa- So what if I talk to myself I am sure u do too everyone does, I don't care, so what if my friends are gone off that doesn't mean I talk to u, I am fine alone, so could u plz leave I have loads to study, I came here only for my friends not to mess around

Angad- (Sits on the bench)So have I came here for my friends also, I am dead bored, So I was just wondering u wanna be friends

Kripa- (Angrily) WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angad- I said u want to be friends

Kripa- NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not interested, I am not like my friends ok, I have no interest in u so plz leave, I have loads to study, I have 2 exams tomorrow, I want to get the best grades so I can make my parents proud, I come to school to study not to mess around so plz leave, I have no interest in lafunge so leave JUST GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angad- Chill no need to scream even I study and all, and I am not a lafunga

Kripa- Who cares if ur a lafunga or not, JUST LEAVE UR DISTURBING

Angad- No I am not leaving, u don't own the bench, all I said was that u want to be friends, and u just screamed like I asked u out

Kripa- I am not screaming ur disturbing me I have loads to study, I don't want to be ur friend understand, not today, or tomorrow, aur naah he iss janam mein, aur nah hi agleh janam mein, just go away, actually leave it I will go, I haven't got time to talk to people like u

(Kripa gets all her stuff and leaves, she goes to the next bench and she studies)

Angad gets up and goes to the second bench as well

Angad- Listen I am sorry for disturbing, but u know I didn't say anything wrong, anyways if I made u upset I am sorry

Kripa- (Angrily) Sorry my foot!!!!!!!!! Just leave actually I will go

The last bench was empty, before Kripa could get there an elderly couple get their, and sit down.

Kripa- (to herself) Ab kya karoon, yahaan peh koi bench kaali nahiye hai, mein niche beth jathi hoon, who lafungha yahaan nahiye aiygha

Kripa sits on the floor and Angad comes

Kripa- (Angrily) Ab kya haan, ab tum yahaan bhi beth joaghe, haan tum chaleh kyun nahiye jathe, kyun mujhe disturb kar rehay ho, plz joa

Angad- Dekho mein chalah joangha tumhe disturb karneh keh liye nahiye aiya hoon, I just came to apologise again, that's about it

Kripa- Apologise fine I forgive u, now I beg u plz go, I have loads to study, I have a science exam in the morning, and a Food Technology exam in the afternoon, and I hate it I have to study otherwise, I will fail and that won't be good

Angad- Fine I am going, I am waiting for my friends, by the way lots of good luck for ur exams

Kripa- Thanks and same to u too

Angad plays games on his phone, he sits on the bench far away, from Kripa and she studies

Now its 7pm and Angads and Kripas friends come back

Zayed- So had fun Angad

Angad- No u know we are l8 we should leave mom just rang me we have guests so I have to leave

Gauri- So Kripa did u have fun

Kripa- Fun!!! NO!!!! I was studying all that time

Vivan- So Angad u and Kripa friends yet

Angad- No we are getting l8 I think we should leave

Zayed Ok fine we are going, anyways I think u and Kripa should be together, u look really cute together

Gauri- Yeah they do perfect couple

Kripa- (Angrily) I don't think so ok, I am not interested

Just then Angads phone rings it's his mom

Angad- Hello Mom

Parvati- Beta when u coming u know I need ur help, ur Dadi will be coming, and some of ur cousins, so u have to help me with the cooking, u know how lazy ur 2 sisters are Mukthi studying for exams, as u don't have exams till next week, u can help me, is that ok

Angad- Yeah mom that's fine

Parvati- Ok beta I will send the driver

Angad- Ok fine

Zayed- What did Aunty say Angad?

Angad- Nothing much my evil Dadis coming and some of my cousins, so I have to be home to help mom and all, so the drivers coming to collect us

Zayed- Ok that's fine

The drivers come Angad and friends go home, and Kripa and friends go home also.

Now Kripas at home, everyone's having dinner, now they are only waiting for Shazmin to come who is upstairs

Mihir- So Iqra Beta how was college

Iqra- College was good, but u know what daddy Shazmin was hugging Rishi today it was so bad, mujhe bahuth sharminda honah parha, mujhe sharam athi hai keh Shazmin meri behen hai, Daddy plz explain to her that's its not good and u Mom

Mihir and Tulsi were both fuming with Anger. Just then Shazmin comes downstiars

Shazmin- What's up everyone? Why is everyone so moody for what happen?

Mihir- Shamzin yeh Iqra kya kehrahiye hai u and Rishi hugging each other

Tulsi- Shazmin I told u to stay away from him, he is bad influence

Iqra- Mom Daddy hes her boyfriend right Shazmin

Shazmin- Iqra stop lieing u big liar, Dad shes a big liar in the whole world, Rishi isn't my boyfriend he is my best friend, and yeah he did hug me today and I hugged him, it was only in excitement as we thought that that Mr West wasn't here and all, and u Iqra I heard about u and Rishis Bro Adi what's going on their huh always telling tales about me

Iqra- Daddy don't believe her shes a lier I don't even know that lafauga, I would never go out with him, even though if he was the last boy here on earth I h8 him, I will marry anyone my mom and my daddy, choose for me there choice is the best right mom and daddy

Mihir/Tulsi- Ofcourse Beta, but we will always ask ur opinion, and the last decision is up to u

Iqra- Thanks Mom and Daddy

Mihir- Shazmin I don't want all this to happen again ok

Shazmin- Fine Dad (to herself) I will get u back Iqra u just wait and watch

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PostSubject: Re: Pyaar Ho Hi Jatha Hai (AK) PART 1/2 PG1 PROMO PG2   Wed Mar 18, 2009 1:04 pm


Vasu is with a guy on the train, they are on their way to Birmingham.

Vasu- Aaj mein bahuth khush hoon, tum finally yaha ho, bas kuch aur waqt ki baat hai phir tum hamesha keh liye yaha

Guy- Jee Auntie

Vasu- Nahiye Beta don't call me auntie call me Mom

Guy- Jee Mom

Meanwhile we see Angad and Kripa in the Park as usual arguing

Angad- Kripa all ur exams are finish atleast now stop being angry and stubborn and lets just be friends

Kripa- Fine I will be ur friends, just coz I have done all my exams and I have passed them all, I got the highest from all the school and I am so happy

Angad- So we are friends

Kripa- Yeah we are friends now don't get chuffed or I will change my mind

Angad- No don't change ur mind I am sorry

Kripa smiles at Angad worried face

Meanwhile a girl is talking

Girl- I love Angad hes mines

Someone- Don't worry Angads urs forever

Ek naya insaan, Ek nayi dosthi aur ek naya rishtha kya hoga???????
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PostSubject: Re: Pyaar Ho Hi Jatha Hai (AK) PART 1/2 PG1 PROMO PG2   Fri Mar 20, 2009 7:31 am

awhh cute FF!
keep it up
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PostSubject: Re: Pyaar Ho Hi Jatha Hai (AK) PART 1/2 PG1 PROMO PG2   Sun Mar 22, 2009 8:17 am

Prii_Loves_Mohit wrote:
awhh cute FF!
keep it up

Thx a lot
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PostSubject: Re: Pyaar Ho Hi Jatha Hai (AK) PART 1/2 PG1 PROMO PG2   Mon Mar 23, 2009 3:40 pm

keep it up hun
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PostSubject: Re: Pyaar Ho Hi Jatha Hai (AK) PART 1/2 PG1 PROMO PG2   Thu Apr 23, 2009 9:10 am

really nice one yaar 'Grin'
do continue jaldi se
promo is very good

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PostSubject: Re: Pyaar Ho Hi Jatha Hai (AK) PART 1/2 PG1 PROMO PG2   Thu Apr 23, 2009 2:35 pm

lovely FF..
do continue
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PostSubject: Re: Pyaar Ho Hi Jatha Hai (AK) PART 1/2 PG1 PROMO PG2   Fri Apr 24, 2009 12:37 pm

humm read all 3 parts together
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PostSubject: Re: Pyaar Ho Hi Jatha Hai (AK) PART 1/2 PG1 PROMO PG2   

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Pyaar Ho Hi Jatha Hai (AK) PART 1/2 PG1 PROMO PG2

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